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Tekop Cold Rooms

We need cold rooms to store perishable products, especially food, for a long time. Choosing the right equipment is very important for cold rooms. Tekop provides customized cold rooms according to customer requests and needs.

  • Adjustable dimensions.
  • Easy installation and assembly.
  • 60 mm – 200 mm panel thickness options.
  • 42 kg/m’ density polyurethane insulation.
  • Internal and external surface designed in accordance to hygiene standards.
  • Can be used health and food sector.
  • Advanced temperature management.
  • Ecological and sustainable choice.
  • Walk-In Chiller (Chiller Room) and Walk-In Freezer (Freezer
    Room) options.

Tekop Cold Room Solutions

We are specialists in the design and installation of chiller room and freezer rooms. Our experts are available to guide you through each stage of the process from the initial consultation through to the design and then the final installation. This ensures that the cold room you have specified meets with your expectations and requirements.

Walk-in Freezer

Walk-in Freezer Room

A walk-in freezer, often called a “freezer room”, is a spacious, enclosed storage area created to sustain extremely low temperatures. Its primary function is to safeguard perishable food items and various other products. These freezer rooms have widespread use across multiple sectors, including restaurants, supermarkets, food processing plants, and pharmaceutical storage.


 Temperature:  -18°C 
Suitability:     Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes, Milk, Dairy, Fruit Juices  
 Dimensions:  Custom sizes according to customer requests.
  Panels:            PUR or PIR

Walk-in Chiller Room

A walk-in chiller, also known as a “chiller room”, is a sizeable, enclosed storage space designed to maintain cool or refrigerated temperatures for the purpose of preserving perishable food items, beverages, and other temperature-sensitive products. Their temperature range is ideal for preserving a wide variety of products that require cooling but not freezing.

Temperature:  +2°C
Suitability:    Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes, Milk, Dairy, Fruit Juices
Dimensions:   Custom sizes according to customer requests.
Panels:               PUR or PIR

Blast Freezer Room

Walk-in Blast Freezer Room

Walk-in blast freezer is a specialized and larger-scale storage space designed to rapidly lower the temperature of food and other perishable products to freezing or sub-freezing levels. This rapid freezing process is essential for preserving the quality and safety of items by quickly reducing their core temperature. Inside a blast freezer, there may be shelves or racks to organize and store products efficiently. The configuration can be customized to suit the specific needs of the business.

Temperature:    -40°C
Suitability:           Meat, Chicken, Fish etc.
Dimensions:       Custom sizes according to customer requests.
Panels:                   PUR or PIR

Design & Consultation

At Tekop Services, we consider the needs of the customer to be of the highest importance and we aim to provide guidance to customers from the early stages of planning and will continue to work closely with you throughout the design process to make sure you achieve a satisfactory end result. We offer an initial consultation, with design advice, CAD drawings and a full quotation as part of the project package.

Design & Consultation
Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Industrial Evaporators are specialized heat exchangers designed for large-scale cooling applications in industrial settings. They are an essential component of industrial refrigeration systems, responsible for extracting heat from the surrounding environment to facilitate the evaporation of the refrigerant. Industrial evaporators with a variety of cooling capabilities can meet the demands of industrial refrigeration systems. They have a large capacity range between 17,9 kW and 172,8 kW.

Cold Room Hinged Door

A cold room hinged door is a type of door specifically designed for use in cold storage rooms or refrigerated environments. Our hinged doors are constructed using PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material, which offers excellent insulation properties and resistance to low temperatures. Door leaf insulation has a chemical density of 42-45 gr/cm3, is of the inset type, and has an exterior metal sheet thickness of 0.8 mm and an interior metal sheet thickness of 0.5 mm.

Cold Room Hinged Door
Cold Room Sliding Doors

Cold Room Sliding Door

Our Cold Room Sliding Door, a reliable and efficient solution for your cold storage needs. Designed to excel in refrigerated environments, this door combines superior insulation, smooth operation, and durability to meet the demands of commercial and industrial settings. The sliding mechanism of our door is engineered for seamless operation, even in low-temperature conditions. The meticulously designed track system and sturdy rollers allow for effortless opening and closing, providing convenient access to your cold storage space.

Cold Room Panel

Our Cold Room Panels, designed to provide you with the utmost efficiency, durability, and robust insulation capabilities for your temperature-sensitive operations.The insulation core of our Cold Room Panels is made from high-density polyurethane foam (PU), renowned for its superior insulating properties and resistance to moisture absorption. This ensures that your cold room stays dry and cold, even in high humidity environments.

Cold Room Panel

Cold Room Accessories

Enhance the functionality and efficiency of your cold room with our premium Cold Room Accessories. Designed for optimal storage and organization, these accessories are a perfect fit for any cold room environment. From sturdy shelving units and adjustable racks to durable bins and temperature monitoring systems, our accessories ensure maximum utilization of space.The accessories provide a hygienic environment in the assembly of floor, wall, and ceiling panels.

Cold Room Shelves

Maximize your cold storage space with our Cold Room Shelves. Engineered for durability and easy cleaning, they withstand extreme temperatures while maintaining hygiene standards. The modular design allows flexible configuration to meet your unique needs. Perfect for food service, pharmaceuticals, and more. Streamline your cold storage management with our Cold Room Shelves.

Cold Room Shelves

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